Celebrity Restaurants

Celebrities opening up restaurants like never before. Some are more involved than others. Here’s the top Celebrity-Restaurants around the world.

Joel Kinnaman – Lily’s Burger – Stockholm – Sweden
The Swede has had a lot on his plate recently (no pun intended).
After his entrance in Hollywood with Robocop he’s been working a lot with big and appreciated projects like The Killing, House of Cards, Altered Carbon & Suicide Squad. It’s with his actor-friend Mahmut Suvakci (Easy Money) he opened a Burger-place in Stocholm 2013. They now have 2 restaurants in Stockholm and one in smaller town Örebro.

Norman Reedus & Greg Nicotero – Nic & Norman’s – Senoia, GA – USA
Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead teamed up with his colleague from the special effects team. They opened up en small town Senoia, a bit south from Atlanta. Not only the food, like burgers, steaks and pizza attracting costumers. They put up pictures and stuff from the set and also host viewing parties of the show.

Susan Sarandon – SPiN – Multiple Locations USA & Canada
Susan Sarandon needs no introduction. She started a Ping-Pong imperium. At SPiN you can eat, drink and play ping-pong.